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Online Gamer Bullied During an Earthquake! Madness!

Next level sympathy.

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Have Gamers gone mad? 

When a natural disaster takes place, I think it is fair to assume that anyone would respond to such an event with empathy and compassion. Right?


This was the case for a New Zealand gamer who during a 7.8 Earth Quake was heckled and abused by his fellow online gamers. The man was called names that any mother would shiver at but the most shocking part of the video is is that the gamer is LITERALLY in the middle of a HUGE earthquake… Check this out.


I don’t know what is more scary, the earthquake its self or the response of the gamers? It appears that the only natural disaster that occurred was not only the quake but the personality of the gamers!

Poor Dude!

Maybe gamers are into violence, I’m sure these Sims think so.

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