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Man Shares Hilarious Video of How NOT to Trim a Tree

And it’s absolutely hilarious.

Featured image via TikTok/ @mikevasquez82

A clip has gone viral on the video-sharing app TikTok of a man attempting to trim a huge tree outside of his home and completely failing.
Via TikTok/ @mikevasquez82

The small clip is made even more funny by the man’s extravagant reaction and cries of despair as the huge trunk dramatically falls onto the roof of the house. 

It is unclear whether the man in the video was a professional worker or simply trying to save a few bucks by doing the work himself. Sometimes, the best way to go is to get experts like Austin tree trimming professionals to do this job for you. Either way, we’re sure he’s regretting it now. 

The clip has been flooded with comments of both humour and concern. One user joked that it is the ‘sound of someone’s company being liquidated’. Another exclaimed ‘CHEAPER DOES NOT MEAN BETTER!!!’. 

Whilst many of the comments are lighthearted in this way, some have seen the seriousness of the man’s errors. One claimed that ‘a licensed company would have climbed the tree and cut it down in smaller chunks at the top’ with it being so close to a house. Many others stated that most would have used a lift to complete the job. 

The clip was shared on the TikTok profile @mikevasquez82 , which is made up entirely of hilarious tree trimming fails and has over 13.4 thousand followers. It seems like it is a task that many people struggle with, and many others find humour in watching go wrong!

But you better act fast if you want to check the page out from America, with concerns over the survival of the app in the country. Whilst TikTok is still operating globally under its Chinese creators, ByteDance, Donald Trump has threatened to ban the use of the App in the United States unless it was sold to an American company. The situation is super confusing constantly developing, check out our rundown of what’s really going on here…. 

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