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Man Attempted 100 Foot Death Dive at Abandoned Wave Power Station

Fancy a 100 foot drop into a black hole of freezing water during the Norwegian winter?

By YouTuber Anders Rox.
Credit: YouTube/Anders Rox.

Norwegian YouTuber Anders Rox discovered this terrifying drop while scrolling on Instagram… and decided he needed to jump it himself as a participant in Bergen Døds, a Death Diving competition. Not only that, he decided to jump into freezing water in his underwear and Converse during a snowy winter in Norway.

The 10 minute long YouTube video was published on December 14th, 2021, and already has around 50,000 views. In the comments, Anders said that a part two video will be released the week of 12/20/2021.

This first video details how he discovered and prepared for this drop. There is no natural way out of the hole, so Anders needed to find ropes and a ladder. The first 3 minutes of his video covers the preparation phase and the sightseeing he does as he travels in search of supplies.

Anders Rox on YouTube

After figuring out a game plan and dropping a ladder down into the water so Anders can return, the daredevil YouTuber prepares to make his leap of faith. He makes a massive splash that puts any previous cannonball to shame as his friends cheer in delight. Anders climbs out of the hole using the ladder, safe and sound (though he must be freezing).

Anders Rox is attempting to reach 100,000 subscribers by the end of 2021. If you enjoyed learning about his journey, consider giving him a follow-over at his YouTube channel. 

Interested in learning more about weird dark places of the world? Check out this article about this mysterious blacked-out island on Google maps.

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