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Bones or No Bones? The Pug On TikTok That’s Predicting How Your Day Will Go

Meet Noodle, the 13-year-old pug, who wakes up every morning and decides whether or not he has bones. 

Noodle the pug
Credit: Jongraz/ TikTok

Meet Noodle, the 13-year-old pug, who wakes up every morning and decides whether or not he has bones. 

This little pug has taken TikTok by storm as fans are using his “bones or no bones” decision to predict how their day is going to go.

A “bones” day means you should go out and take some risks, treat yourself to something nice or do that thing you’ve been putting off. You can watch Noodle the pug having a “bones” day below.

Credit: Jongraz/ TikTok

However, a “no bones” day means you should allow yourself to have a bad day and not venture out of your comfort zone. In these hilarious TikToks fans can see the 13-year-old dog flop out of his owners arms as he doesn’t feel like standing today. Watch noodle have a no bones day below:

Credit: Jongraz/ TikTok

Jonathan, Noodle’s proud owner, has gained a whopping 2.1 million followers from the success of his “boneless” pooch and his account has reached over 19.8 million likes! In a recent TikTok Jonathan thanked his followers for all the positivity that surrounded his videos. He also said that the support for him and his “Sweet silly stubborn old man” (Noodle). 

The comment section of each video is always jam packed with people sharing what they’re going to do with their day depending on the outcome of “bones” or “no bones”, with some videos having over 45k comments!

One account says, “my mental health is in the hands of a pug.” While another says, “my entire office just watched this and cheered when you said bones. It’s a good day.” 

The official TikTok account also frequently interacts with the videos, commenting, “horoscopes got nothing on Noodle.” 

It’s clear that this little 13-year-old pug has captured everyone’s hearts and the interest in whether it’s going to be a “bones” or “no bones” day doesn’t seem to be running out any time soon.

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