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You Can Now Buy Donald Trump Skid Mark Underwear

A stain on America and now your pants too!

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A company has started selling skid mark underwear with Donald Trump’s face on it.

Yep, in another remarkable 2017 twist, Trump skid mark underwear is now available.

The new President is certainly not the most adored character shall we say, and this new trend shows exactly that.

Trump has just about pissed everybody off with his new take on the world, and so the world has decided to fight back. Some have staged protests, but that wasn’t enough for some people.

A company named Easy Tiger Corp have taken things to the next level. They have managed to take what everyone is thinking and put it onto a pair of pants.

Trump underwear front

Amazingly the company is English, proving just what people across the seas think of the guy. Donald, let’s hope you see this and know what people really think of you. It’s not good!

It really wouldn’t be a surprise if these became the most popular item of clothing in 2017. I mean, I bet they’ve managed to sell a few pairs already, and his reign has only started.

Donald Trump Skidmark 2

The pants may seemingly suit the male body only, but women would undoubtedly rock the look. With so much hatred floating around I reckon most people wont care what they look like, as long as Trump’s face is right there.

Incredible stuff, and a genius invention. Just to make matters easier for you, you can actually buy them here!

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