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Drug Dealer Loses €53.6 Million After Cleaner Throws Out Bitcoin Access Codes

This drug dealer made the gravest mistake of his life.

Pixabay / QuinceCreative

Guilty of hiding your money under the mattress? Under the floorboards of your home? Do not feel embarrassed; even drug dealers are victims of this questionable habit. 

Irish drug dealer, Clifton Collins, lost close to €54 million in cryptocurrency Bitcoin. His cleaner, unaware of its value, threw a fishing rod that contained all of the access codes to Collins’ accounts.

According to The Irish Times, Collins built on his fortune by growing and selling cannabis. He was able to amass 6,000 Bitcoins, which were later confiscated by the Criminal Assets Bureau (Cab).

Then again, the Cab could not access Collins’ accounts without the codes he misplaced.

Anyone can be skeptical where they place their valuables, especially if it’s an estimated €53.6 million. 

So, Collins had decided to hide the access codes inside a metal cap of a fishing rod. He kept the rod inside his house and his cleaner, unfortunately, threw it out in the trash. 

On top of that, after the Irish police arrested him in 2017, his house was cleared out. His possessions were thrown to a dump that workers witnessed contained fishing gear. 

In fact, they were incinerated. Any suspicions from the police that Collins might be lying vanished after learning the codes might have burned. 

One thing is sure: when in doubt, hide your money in the bank or a safe. Avoid the pain of losing your prized possessions in the most incredulous ways. 

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