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5 Things Elon Musk Could Do Now That He’s The World’s Richest Person

*Second richest, thanks to Jeff Bezos.

Featured image credit: Daniel Oberhaus/Flickr

For less than a week, Elon Musk was the richest person in the world, overtaking Jeff Bezos’ $182.8 billion with his $182.9 billion, after business for Tesla boomed in 2020 while Amazon shares fell. Not long after, trying to figure out what to do with his newly-amassed wealth, Musk tweeted to ask for “critical feedback” on how to use his money. 

Although Musk was quickly overtaken by Amazon overlord Bezos after Tesla shares fell by $13.5 billion on Monday, he still has a substantial amount of money left. I think that $176.2 billion might be just enough to accomplish something and help a few people. Here’s a list of 5 ways that Elon Musk could use his money for the better:

End Hunger in the United States

Although ending world hunger – a mighty feat – is still out of Musk’s reach, calculated by the German government to be $330 billion, the multi-billionaire has the potential to help eradicate hunger in the U.S. alone. It would only take $25 billion, less than a quarter of Musk’s current fortune.

For someone who has used their obscene wealth to launch sports cars into space and sell flamethrowers, surely Musk can try a more important venture and moral obligation of mitigating poverty.

Move A Million People To Mars

According to an estimate made by Musk in 2019, it would cost passengers between $100,000 and $500,000 for a one-way ticket to live on Mars (the return ticket is free). Ignoring logistical and medical obstacles, Futurism calculated that Musk could personally sponsor somewhere between 377,000 passengers (at $500,000 per ticket) and 1,885,000 passengers at ($100,000 per ticket) to bring them to a new home on Mars.

Eradicate Hunger in Africa

For years, countless forms of humanitarian aid have been sent to Africa, to help alleviate the effects of drought, war, and poverty. In 2017, official aid to Africa totalled a grand $29 billion, yet around 60 million children in the country still go to bed hungry. According to The Guardian, it would take only $5 billion to end hunger in Africa entirely. So what’s stopping Musk? That’s like pocket money to a multi-billionaire?

Pay Tuition For Every American Public College Student 

According to the most recent data provided by the Department of Education, public universities and other post-secondary institutions in the U.S. collected $81.3 billion in tuition and fees during the 2017-2018 school year. Futurism estimated that, with some room to spare, Musk could pay two years of tuition for every American student at a public university. 

Donate Millions of Dollars To An Educational Non-Profit

Well, this is something that Musk has already done. Through the Musk Foundation, Elon Musk donated $5 million to the online learning organization Khan Academy. Its founder, Salman Khan, thanked Musk for the donation in a YouTube video on Monday:

This is going to allow us to accelerate all sorts of content. Our aspirations are all subjects — from kids to early stages of college. This will accelerate our science content, allow us to do more early learning, allow us to make the software and the practice that much more engaging.

If you’re still interested in the uber-rich tech CEO, click here to read about some of Elon Musk’s most controversial tweets.

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