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Trump’s Accusations of Election Fallacy Make US History For Being Crazy

Not the first time he’s created his own category of fu*kery.

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What’s Been Happening?

I’m not going to recount the many startling events that have occurred since US elections started on Nov 3rd. Well, maybe just a few only because they pertain to the contents of the clip I’m going to be showing you here.

Obviously if you’ve been following news in America you’d already know know that Joe Biden is the new President-elect for this coming term. Of course accompanied by beautiful Kalama Harris who wrote herself into history as the first female vice-president.

With this came a strew of severely unprofessional acts on the part of current US president Trump. By that I mean refusing to congradulate or even acknowledge Biden’s victory– which has never happened in US history.

Trump has also declared himself president for his second term and has began using government resources to attempt to steal the election back. You know: voter fraud, fake ballots, fallacy, manipulating on the part of the Democrats.

What’s Happening Now?

Wikimedia Commons

Anyways, so it’s a shit show over here and the Trump administration is embarrassing themselves. Now, Fox News anchor, Neil Cavuto, literally cut off a clip in the middle of streaming because of the pure bullshit being spat out.

Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, began to comment on recent accusations that voter and ballot fraud had won Biden the election. So far there is zero evidence to back this up and even Fox News, who are known conservatives, weren’t about to stream a monologue of fake news.

Twitter/David Mack

Fox News is known to be heavily right-winged, but if the last four years have shown us anything, it’s that even republicans have begun to turn their back on Trump.

More on Trump’s immaturity. Usually the President-elect is offered resources before inauguration. This can include money, a temporary office, access to agency resources. Trump has denied Biden all of this for the first time in history again. Proving once again the authoritarian-like style Trump cloaks as being patriotic.

What Now?

Myanmore/Mary Banfield

Now we wait. We wait for Democracy to do its thing and work all this out. America may suck in a lot of ways, but we never waver from a few values– voting being one of them.

As I see it, if there truly is ballot inconsistencies then they will prevail. But I know these claims a part of a marketing scheme to get the American people to question Biden’s win. Even when Biden takes office I’m sure Trump will stay very active on hist Twitter. If you know what I mean.

What gives me hope are a couple things. One, we’ve elected a woman of color to be our vice president and trust her to take over office if Biden cannot.

Two, the Biden-Harris administration has already identified their four core goals: controlling COVID-19, increasing economic stability, ending systematic racism in the US, and addressing climate change head one.

For all of you reading this outside the US please pray for us. I don’t believe in God but god damnit let’s all take a moment to wish for a better future. And I don’t just mean here in the US. I mean for everyone all around the world. We have some stiff battles ahead of us.

Sorry, I know that was long. Lots to say these days. On a lighter note, Google released most common recent searches. Liquor store near me?

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