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Male Reddit Users Reveal The Juicy Details About Their Relationships With Influencers

Men reveal their secrets about relationships with influencers.

Credit: Alison&Andrea/Youtube

Men who have dated female social media influencers are sharing the ins and outs of their relationships with us. They are revealing the secret to why some of their social media relationships worked and why some were destined to end from the start!

Social Media

As we navigate our life on social media, it is inevitable for our romantic life to clash with our life on the internet. Whether you are an influencer yourself,  or you are friends with one, you know they definitely live a different kind of lifestyle compared to what most people are used to.

Many people have different responses to this and Reddit users joined together to share their opinion on this topic….

What did Reddit users have to say about this?

One user went into a lot of detail to make sure we knew exactly what it was like to date an influencer.

The first comment revolves around appearance and I feel that it’s probably a lot of hard work to maintain a certain look so your followers can associate with a high standard of beauty. As an influencer, you are wanting to aim to look beautiful at all times and this just sounds extremely exhausting to me! 

Taking pictures is a lot harder than you think. If you are very particular about what you are wanting to produce then it can take forever to capture the perfect Insta post. As the boyfriend, you will be on duty to take pictures of your girlfriend so be prepared to take pictures from different angles and with different lighting!

It’s very impressive how so many people are earning a living from social media. However, with exposure on social media, there are negative consequences. As the boyfriend, you have to understand that your partner is likely to receive a lot of attention and you have to be supportive of this and refrain from being the jealous type. 

What were some other opinions?

Whether it be documenting what you do throughout the day or taking endless pictures of that Caesar salad she ordered, you can guarantee that her followers will know every move she makes throughout the day. Would you be able to cope with everything needing to be recorded or would you get sick of it?

It sounds quite challenging dealing with their internet persona and their normal in-person self. Three can be a crowd in a relationship so it might come down to her deciding that she needs to cut one out. I can promise you that it’s probably going to be you. Social media is her job and she will likely prioritize that over the relationship. 

A social media-focused relationship…

Do you think you could handle being in a relationship with an influencer or does that sound like a second job that you do not want? At the end of the day, love is love and if your partner uses social media for their main source of income, I am sure that people can find a way to balance it and make it work in their relationship.

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