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Is THIS Stephen King’s Best Novel?

Stephen King’s Masterpiece: The Shining in Retrospect!

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Stephen King fans around the world are waiting anxiously for his newest release, “Billy Summers”. With his soon-to-be summer blockbuster just days away, we take a look back at the best novel he has ever produced!

Although solidified as a household name many moons ago, a string of recent film adaptations has seen King’s popularity rise once again. The release of IT (2017) became something of an event across the world, and scared the wits out of us – admit it, macho man!

Followed by solid adaptations of Pet Sematary and Doctor Sleep, movie fans have delved into the dizzying world of King’s books in recent years. With the new audience re-discovering classics such as The Shining, IT, The Shawshank Redemption, and many more, we’re tasked with answering the impossible question- Which King book is best?

Is it the Vampires of Salem’s Lot? Nope. Is it Cujo, the rabid dog? Not quite. THIS is King’s best work…

The Shining was King at his best. 

The tale of a family isolated within the restraints of a haunted hotel for the winter. Sounds fun, right?

With our world firmly held in the grip of Covid-19, the isolation of the Torrance family’s tale strikes a chord that is all-to-close to home. The current climate we are faced with means The Shining is as relevant as ever, minus the ghostly apparitions, creaking floorboards and mallet-wielding psychopath roaming the hallways (unless your father’s mid-life crisis consists of spontaneous D.I.Y expeditions).

As author Peter Straub quoted: “Obviously a masterpiece, probably the best supernatural novel in one hundred years”.
Jack Nicholson pulled off a masterful lead performance in Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining.

Although The Shining has always been terrifying, breaking sweats since its release back in prehistoric 1977, the isolation factor brings an all-new suffocating intensity to the table, one that fans never had the (mis)fortune of experiencing before. It submerges you further into the world that King has painted with words, and will have you rooting for Wendy and Danny to find a way out. Is that a spoiler? Too bad, you’ve had 44 years to read it, nerd.

Is this farewell to the King of horror?

In fact, it’s an injustice to credit his career only to the horror genre. From time-travel drama in 11/22/63 to full-fledged Western in The Gunslinger, King has covered all areas of the storytelling world. As he approaches his 74th birthday, fans are suspecting that Billy Summers may be his last book.

Departing from the horror genre almost completely in favor of crime in recent years, we can only speculate how, or what this book will be.

At 73, he doesn’t seem to be losing his step. Not at all…

In the meantime, slouch into your favorite chair, make a cup of tea and treat yourself to a book so terrifying that I guarantee a nightmare or two. Did I sell it yet?


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