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Yusaku Maezawa Needs A Woman To Take To The Moon…Could That Be You?

Fly to the moon with Yusaku Maezawa!


If you’ve ever wanted to travel to space, well, here’s your chance. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is looking for that special someone he can make his “life partner” to accompany him on the most out-of-this-world date… literally.  

In 2002, Elon Musk founded SpaceX, a private aerospace manufacturer located in Hawthorne, California with the goal of colonizing Mars. Musk chose Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, as his first passenger to be sent to the moon by SpaceX. 

Image from SpaceX/YouTube

This journey is set to occur in 2023, and Maezawa isn’t planning on going alone. This 44-year-old billionaire, art collector, and entrepreneur is currently holding a contest to find that special someone he can take with him.

Image from WION/YouTube

According to the japan times, Maezawa and his girlfriend Ayame Goriki have recently split-up, meaning he’s single and ready to mingle. In order to find this lucky lady, he put up an application on his website for an arranged match-making event.


Tweet from yousuck2020/Twitter

According to USA Today, applications for this once in a lifetime experience are due this Friday, January 17th. After the selection process, (which will take place sometime around January 25th and 26th), the “matchmaking dates” will begin. Women who successfully make it through those dates then move on to more personal, “special” dates taking place in March. 

So, if your dream has always been to date an astronaut, this is pretty damn close. Best of luck to all the women competing to be Yusaku Maezawa’s travel partner! 

Image from Ross Norton/GIPHY

Want to know more about SpaceX? Click Here!

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