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Whatsapp Allows You to Finally Delete Those Sent Messages!

Life saver.

Life saver.

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Whatsapp have created a lifesaver. 

Instant Messaging has revolutionised the way that we get in contact with people. It keeps us all glued to our mobile phones; we don’t have to be in the same country as somebody to have an entire conversation!

But, this does get us into some trouble. 

The heat of the moment sometimes takes the argument too far, or a drunken night sparks a controversial comment being sent into the cyber network web. Hiding behind a mobile phone means that we get much braver than we would in real life, but once that message is sent, the reality starts to set in.

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Whatsapp has finally put in a feature to stop that onset of guilt after pressing send. So, as long as the message hasn’t been read by the recipient, you can delete or edit it. Brilliant!  

The beta version on iPhone is already available, you just need to activate it! So, perhaps take a look at that if you’re a bit of a hot head! Don’t worry Android users, I’m sure it’ll be your turn soon.

Do you think this is a great feature to have?

Perhaps this guy could have found this feature good to have! 

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