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Video of Boris Johnson Dancing Goes Viral Amid Raft of New Scandals

To many, it’s more fuel to the Downing Street party scandal fire, despite not having much to do with it.

Credit: Youtube/Gone Viral Political and Social News

A clip of Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing has gone viral. To many, it’s more fuel to the Downing Street party scandal fire, despite not having much to do with it. Considering other controversies surrounding Johnson and the British government, it’s a wonder that this is what people are spending time on.

After Boris Johnson’s former spokeswoman Allegra Stratton stirred controversies laughing about COVID restrictions at a party, all eyes were on the Conservatives. Allegations of parties during the lockdown popped up, drawing immense scrutiny. Namely, the Downing Street scandal implicated many officials holding gatherings after Prince Phillip’s funeral.

Regardless of your interest in British politics, it’s obvious that COVID parties are a bad look for any public figure. Any smart famous person would’ve banned cameras at their shindigs by now, considering how much flack various celebrities have gotten for disregarding COVID restrictions.

During the controversy, however, a video clip of the Prime Minister dancing with another official and a light saber to Lionel Richie’s All Night Long (All Night). The clip garnered millions of views, likely due to the preconceived rage at the Downing Street controversy.

However, the source of the video doesn’t line up with the scandal. In fact, it’s likely that the video came from a 2013 Christmas party, rather than anything recent. Not that his dancing isn’t abhorrent regardless.

The viral clip, while funny, distracts from larger problems, however. People talking more about light saber boogies than the various COVID policies put in place by the Prime Minister in question distracts helpful rage with “meme-rage”.

Another example of this frustration has presented in the fake Downing Street rave, which also poked fun at the scandal. 

However, the frustration at this disregard at COVID restrictions is odd when it’s paired with… more disregard for COVID restrictions. Hosting parties against parties is a bit of a bad look. But I suppose it’s… a tad bit funny, so it’s totally ok! 

In addition, the royal family has faced its own party-based controversies with Prince Andrew’s scandal at one of Jeffery Epstien’s private islands. The Prince has lost his royal titles amidst the controversy, which next to last year’s royal resignation by Prince Harry has caused a surge of historically unprecedented anti-royal sentiment.

As often happens on the internet, a clip went viral. The surprising part here is how irrelevant that clip even is to the rage behind its virality. Well, at least the lightsaber looks stupid, right?  

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