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Victoria Falls is Drying Up Thanks to Climate Change

One of the seven wonders of the world is about to be destroyed, and it’s all our fault.


It’s one of the seven wonders of the world. Victoria Falls is a waterfall similar to Niagara falls, but located in Southern Africa on the Zambezi River. It is the largest falling body of water on Earth, but it wont be around much longer. You can thank climate change for that. 

Climate change is impacting our Earth, but in reality it’s all our fault. Due to human activities that change the planet’s natural greenhouse, events such as heavy precipitation or extremely high temperatures are affecting the way the world works. 

e.g Image from Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Even though we are in the dry season, the difference in Victoria Falls water output is unbelievable. What was once referred to by the locals as “smoke that thunders” is now better compared to a leaking faucet. According to The Guardian, this has been the worst drought in over a century. Below is a photo of the falls prior to this devastating act of climate change. 

e.g Image from Rhollic Stones / Pexels


According to The Telegraph , Victoria Falls water has been reduced by almost 50 percent due to the drought. The president of Zambia, the country where these falls are located, says this is all due to climate change. Now take a look below at what Victoria Falls looks like today.  

e.g Image from The Telegraph / YouTube

Clearly, there is something to be said that one of our seven wonders of the world is in danger. Due to Victoria Falls’ recent dull appearance, tourism has decreased by 40%. Like most countries, tourism is a major aspect in order to grow their industry. Todays society will have to claim control over the climate issues we are facing. The Guardian tells us that a tourist by the name of Benjamin Konig was not impressed with his trip to the falls. 

“Seems to be not much [water] – a few rocky stones with a little water between it”

Benjamin Konig via The Guardian

Thanks to social media platforms, spreading tips and tricks on how to help the environment is easier than ever. Below is a tweet from an Earth-friendly twitter account that provides useful tips for reusing plastics. 

You think the more known recycling is, the more people would be proactive with it. If only that was the case then maybe we wouldn’t be in risk of losing one of Earth’s most beautiful landscapes. Thanks, climate change. 

e.g Image from Simpsons World / GIPHY

Worried about our planet? Click Here to find out if climate change can still be stopped. 

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