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UK Set to See Biggest Protest Yet of The Cost of Living Crisis in October

UK citizens are set to protest amid the country’s ongoing cost of living crisis. The organised protest is set to be the largest one yet in 2022.

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UK citizens are set to protest amid the country’s ongoing cost of living crisis. The organized protest is set to be the largest one yet in 2022.

The United Kingdom has seen a sharp increase in the cost of energy, rent, petrol, food, and public transport, all reaching record highs.

Following multiple covid lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, economies around the world plummeted. The Russian war on Ukraine has also been a detriment to many economies including the UK by limiting the supply of oil and gas.

However, the rate of inflation and subsequent cost of living crisis occurring in the UK is being deemed extortionate. Inflation is currently 10.10%, almost four times the average over the last thirty years.

Meanwhile, other countries such as France have placed a cap on energy prices. While citizens are still seeing soaring costs of living generally, the cap on energy means that people’s monthly bills will stay relatively close to what they were previously, with the cap being 4%.

In the UK, energy prices are set to rise by 65% in October and even further in January. Ministers have stated that the annual increase for most households will be equivalent to two months wages, calling for the government to provide financial support.

People are also left wondering whether to rely on the price cap or opt for a fixed energy tariff, with the UK government and local authorities providing little support or guidance.

Several people have taken to Twitter to share their dismay around the soaring energy bills.

In retaliation to the extortionate energy prices and general cost of living, people have decided to protest.

The protest in October will see a ‘Can’t Pay’ march outside the Conservative party conference taking place in Birmingham. 

The protest is organized by the People’s Assembly and is intended to be the biggest, most united protest of the cost of living in the UK so far. It is not the first protest organized by the group, with one taking place already in February.

The group defines itself as: “united national campaign against austerity, cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services, based on general agreement with the signatories.”

Another display of protest, organized by a separate group, is ‘Don’t Pay UK’, an initiative encouraging people to simply not pay their energy bills in October following the increase. 

Don’t Pay UK is an establishment centred around drawing attention to the rising cost of energy bills. The group’s plan is to encourage millions of people around the country to cancel their direct debits to energy providers to help the people and limit the extreme profits of energy companies.

However, experts have warned that people be careful to avoid this due to the potential legal repercussions.

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