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Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star Destroyed With Pick-Axe

You can’t take away free speech, but actions speak louder than words.


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Walking down the Hollywood walk of fame, there a lot of names you may not personally like. However, no star as the universal hatred of the current President of the United States. So much so, it was destroyed earlier this week.

There have been reports since Trump’s inauguration into office of his star being vandalised. Often by spray paint and other means. Although, this guy got a bit violent with it.

Austin Clay, a 24-year-old, reportedly walked along with a pick-axe in a guitar case. He removed it and destroyed the star. Later he called the police and turned himself in. His bail was set at $20,000.

Pick-axe seems to be the weapon of choice for this repeated vandalism

On Thursday, Clay left custody as someone posted bail for him. Reportedly, a previous vandal of the Donald J. Trump star, James Otis said he would pay the bail. Although, a GoFundMe was also raising money, so it is unsure right now how Clay walked free.

Furthermore, Clay was charged with a felony offence. His court date takes place on August 15th. Work is already being done to restore the star. The problem is, the star is a California state landmark, regardless of who it was presented to.

Otis, who also destroyed the star with a pick-axe while trying to get it off in one piece, had to pay a $4,400 fine and performed 20 days of community labour. We will see a similar punishment for Clay, despite an obvious outpour of people thinking his actions were well founded.

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