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The Ways Technology Has Negatively Changed Our Standard Of Living

How the negative aspects of technology effects our view of how life should be lived.

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Modern technology has been created to save time, making our busy lives more manageable. But if this is the case, then why do we feel worse? Why do we feel unsatisfied and behind in life?

There is no doubt that technology and social media have their benefits, but to what extent? All of us have had that panic when we don’t feel our phone in our pocket, but why is that? We rely on our phones to provide us with our social arrangements. We also thrive on the dopamine of social acceptance from apps such as Instagram and Facebook.

The superficiality of contemporary society has disabled us from acknowledging that how our life feels is more important than how it looks. We are given an unrealistic picture of how life should be lived but fails to teach us that our mental state is more important than anything else.

However, the dedication to achieving status and financial freedom has left us chasing the same thing, day in, day out. We feel like we are wasting time when in reality, we are wasting time chasing things that do not matter. Have you ever asked yourself why you want what you want?

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We are not robots, we are allowed to stop and feel

It seems like our generation is always in a rush, we are constantly trying to achieve more because we feel like others have. And because of this, we try to do everything within a short space of time. This leaves us feeling burned out and less rewarded in the end because we fail to see our accomplishments; dwelling only on what we lack.

A side effect of technology is the harmful nature of social media. Every day we consume content of people living ‘their best life’ which impacts us more negatively than we think. We are dependent on social media to tell us how to live our life, to the point where ‘trends’ become a viral experience.

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Another problem with the advancement of technology is the lack of need to interact with humans in real life. We are fooled into believing technology is created to connect us when in reality, it distances us emotionally and physically.

Capitalism has taught us that we need to work to survive. And because we don’t earn enough, we aim to work beyond our limits until overworking is the standard. This is why many of us feel useless and unworthy when we take a rest.

No one has their life figured out, and social media isn’t reality. Overworking yourself does not equate to success. Your value doesn’t lie in your productivity.

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