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Should You Buy Kanye West’s New Stem Player?

Kanye West’s new Stem Player turns heads

YouTube / CNET

Kanye West has recently released a new musical device, the Stem Player, and this user’s review gives a blow by blow.

If you venture to you will be immediately greeted by a small round contraption spinning slowly on the screen. This is Kanye West’s Stem Player. The Stem Player is a new music editing device that splits songs into their four main components and lets users alter them to their liking.

This reviewer explains everything you need to know about the device. But one piece of feedback is particularly memorable. After taking the Stem Player out of its minimalist packaging Stephen Beacham, the reviewer, describes the feel of the device. Describing it as soft and slippery Beacham likens the product to a sex toy. 

Quickly brushing over that comment, Beacham goes on to explore how the device works. All of Kanye West’s songs are already uploaded to the device ready to be edited by fans. Different aspects of the song, such as vocal, drums, bass, can be increased or decreased in volume. Loops can be made by holding down the centre button, tracks can be played in reverse. And all of this can be recorded so that the user is able to listen to their masterpiece whenever they like.

Beacham continues his review by attempting to upload other artists songs, including his own, to the device through the same website the product can be purchased from, Although ultimately successful, he does say that it takes some time and you do have to have access to a laptop and internet in order to add songs to the device. 

Credit: YouTube / CNET

Overall, for any music makers the device seems like a handy thing to play around with while sat at a bus stop or waiting at the dentist office, due to its compact size. So if you’re willing to spend $200 on a sex toy-esq music device then Stephen Beacham definitely recommends.

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