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Samuel L. Jackson First of Many Celebrity Voices to Appear on Alexa devices

I’m sick of all these mo’f***ing voices not being Samuel L. f***ing Jackson.

Amazon echo activated
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Alexa is sometimes really strange and gets triggered at unusual times. But imagine if your Alexa starts talking out of the blue and it’s the voice of Samuel L. Jackson… creepy.

Although, he does have a very nice voice and I can see the appeal of wanting it on your Amazon device. However, Amazon haven’t got Samuel L. Jackson to record for them. They are using new technology to replicate speech patterns. So, you’ll only be able to ask a set amount of questions.

These will include:

  • ‘Alexa, ask Sam to wake me up at 7am’,
  • ‘Alexa, ask Sam to sing me happy birthday’,
  • and ‘Alexa, ask Sam to get me the recipe for a Big Kahuna burger’.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to pick whether or not you want clean language, or you don’t mind if a few swear words are thrown in. Mr. L. Jackson is famous for his expletives after all.

This is the first of a few celebrity voices that will be added to echo devices. Be sure to get your hands on it for only 99¢ later this year.

Do you feel a bond with your Tech? No? Well maybe you will with Samuel L. Jackson on your Amazon device!

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