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CCTV Cameras Can Now Refuse Entry to Customers with No Face Masks

Good news for all retail workers: no-more confronting the non-compliant customer!

Image: Pixabay/bodkins18

New mask-detecting technology can block entry for customers that are not wearing face-covering and is now being implemented in different retail shops across the UK.

While even the new iOS emojis are wearing their facemasks, some still find it difficult to comply with safety regulations!

With all these protocols and safety measures that are becoming our new normal, retailers and shops can now use CCTV cameras to detect whether the person approaching is wearing a face-mask or not.

These cameras use deep learning technology to scan shoppers’ upon entrance and can either allow access to compliant customers or deny entry altogether to the awkward ones who refuse to wear a mask out in public, by blocking the automatic doors.  

Whiteley’s Garden Centre in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, was among the first that implemented the new technology – ‘Covered’ – provided to them by Videcon.

According to Whiteley’s, the technology displays red/green messages on the entrance screen when customers are approaching. If the cameras detect a mask, customers are allowed entry; if not, (at least in Whiteley’s configurations) the system alerts staff members to take action in the line with the government’s regulations.

In other cases, the systems may ban doors from opening for the non-compliant customers. 

Image: Videcon

James Ritchey from told Birmingham Live: “The technology is just fantastic; the CCTV system automatically allows or denies access to the shop and means staff don’t have to be put at risk from difficult customers complaining, or potentially worse.”

“Retailers are working so hard to stay open during these most difficult times, and this system means staff isn’t in the firing line from customers who are unhappy about current restrictions,” added Ritchey.

“The other side of using an automated system is it gives customers who are worried about the virus confidence as they enter a tightly controlled secure Covid-19 store.”

Another security system provider – Hikvision Europe – has introduced different technology to shops for detecting those who do and don’t wear masks.

According to a video released by Hikvision, their systems scan faces for masks, and then a voice instructs the customer to put on a face-covering.

Read here on how to correctly store your face-masks before and after you use them. 

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