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Teacher Traumatises Pupil By Playing ‘Don’t F**k With Cats’ In Class

Who thought a documentary about cats could do this?

Credit: Netflix

The Don’t F**k With Cats documentary has been on everyone’s lips lately. So much so that a teacher in Elgin Park Secondary in Vancouver, Canada, decided to show her class the documentary.

Great plan! One child was left “traumatised” by the ordeal and apparently went home crying and vomiting.

I’ve watched the documentary and the parent’s claims that it was graphic and violent. Hogwash! However, Luka Magnotta (the main character and killer of the programme) is a weird and creepy dude. Not the best material to show to a class if you ask me. And right before the Christmas break too! How’re they going to eat their genetically modified turkey knowing the hottie that they’re following on Instagram might be a psycho killer?

Credit: Penny Daflos

A complaint sent to Surrey Schools Supt. Dr. Jordan Tinney, and revealed by CTV News, read: “No doubt many adults would be disgusted and horrified if they witnessed something so awful and so violent. But for children, the damage is incalculable.”

I’m sure someone will calculate the sum when a lawsuit hits.

Now, I don’t go in for this “snowflake generation” that boomers keep talking about? Granted, it’s really not material you’d expect to see in a classroom and the teacher is, shall we say… silly, for doing so. But, crying? Vomiting? Hysteria? When did we all adopt the sensibilities of a sensitive upper class victorian socialite?

The school is investigating the incident and no doubt the teacher will be given the appropriate slap on the wrist they deserve. Or their entire career will be destroyed because people aren’t allowed to feel uncomfortable anymore.

Speaking of documentaries, Louis Theroux’s foray into the UK’s prostitution scene sounds saucy.

Louis Theroux’s Next Documentary Will Be About The UK Prostitution Scene

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