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Swedish Brewers Introduces “F*ck You, I’m Millwall”: A Tribute To London Bridge Hero

“We salute Roy Larner”.

Credit: Frequency Beer Works

The Frequency Beer Works Brewery in Bro, Stockholm has made a new English bitter beer; honoring 47-year-old Roy Larner.

The brewery says, “We salute him and have made a special edition of our bitter available in his honor” as they were “humbled and impressed to read about [this] Millwall supporter.” During the London Bridge “Terrorist” attack that cost eight people their lives. Ultimately, leaving about forty-eight others with serious injuries. According to

As three Jihadist came into the local Black and Blue restaurant; the majority of people began to run or hide for cover. However, Roy Larner, while having a drink in this establishment, decided that he was going to be the brave avenger. Taking on all three of the men that were armed with machetes, Larner fought while screaming, “F*ck you, I’m Millwall”

And to salute Larner’s brave patronage (and to commend his adoration for Millwall); Frequency Beer Works came out with their latest brew: F*ck You, I’m Millwall. Even with all of this praise for his crazed heroism, Roy Larner suffers from many stab injuries. For a total of eight times on his head, chest and hands.

 “I’m Lucky”, Larner says as he recalls the incident. Of course he admits to being somewhat fearful in the moment; his scars are the price he chose to pay to save many lives. This giving other victims a chance to run.

On the sunnier side of this horrific event, all of the proceed from the selling of “F*ck You, I’m Millwall”, will be going towards Larner’s Just Giving page. Roy is also jobless and currently living with a friend. The London Bridge Hero may not have all of the greatest materialistic items, but he does have a God given, loving heart that helped save many lives.

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