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WATCH: Skimming Pools, Speedflying And Gliding Through Capetown

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Capetown is a beautiful place full of stunning beaches and all sorts of activities. Paragliding, swimming with sharks (eek), surfing the list goes on. These guys known as the ‘Flack Brothers’ take a special interest in Speedflying, and it looks pretty damn fun.

The mansions are truly something else, and there’s no shortage of things to do. Living in this area and participating in extreme sports is certainly better than being in rainy England waiting on our pathetic excuse of a summer. You’d never run out of fun activities and adventures here. And the pure novelty of being somewhere so insane.


These guys, known as the ‘Fluck Boys’ are pro paragliders. You can’t help but be envious of their lifestyle. The speedflyers include: Phillip Van Coller, Stefan Kruger and the legendary Jean Jacques Wallis. They enjoy spending their spare time speedflying, skimming the waters and floating through the most affluent parts of Capetown.

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