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WATCH: Rogue Elements Official Trailer Looks INSANE

The skiers took full advantage of the ridiculous winter this year.

Rogue Elements official trailer is a must-watch.Winter 2017 brought some absolutely incredible scenes. 

The weather in Europe is inherently unpredictable, but what these sportsmen experienced is next level. These skiers experienced crazy storms but rather than letting it scare them, they totally owned it.

”Since the dawn of time, everything that has lived and breathed on this planet has been subject to the whims of Mother Nature. The nature of an adventurer is inherently rogue; typically wild in character, subject to the fancy of their imagination. We are unequivocally drawn to nature’s rawest fury and deepest mysteries. These are the irreverent souls who pursue the edge.”- Teton Gravity Research website.

There’s no denying these guys have some serious balls. That kind of weather would make most people run inside and hide in their homes. While I’d be curled up with a hot chocolate and a blanket, these crazy rogues let nothing stop them.

For more, read HERE about how scientists have now found massive diamonds  on Uranus!

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