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WATCH: Brandon Biebel’s Personal Skatepark Will Make You Want To Skate Too!

Killer video part!

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Have you ever skated on fire? Probably not. 

However, Brandon Biebel does so in his own personal skatepark built from scratch. Crazy, right?

In fact, Biebel’s skating on fire tactic will make your senses run wild! Watch the video below to see some super cool shots of Biebel braving hellfire and skating right through it.

Biebel is pretty courageous for being able to zoom right through those scary flames. I’m definitely not one to take on that feat!

However, this is not his only talent. Biebel designed and built his own skatepark all by himself. How cool is that!?

With just a few bricks and flat surfaces, Biebel was able to build a complete skatepark where he and his friends can skate all day and night. This video definitely proves that their indoor skatepark has made their skating skills much better!

I wish I had an amazing indoor skatepark where I could practice my nonexistent skating skills. Oh well, I guess I should let pros like Biebel have such luxuries!

If you were intrigued by Biebel’s super cool skatepark, then you should definitely check out these dudes having the most incredible skate session in a closed water park!

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