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WATCH: This is the Best of Skateboarding Compilation 2016

Some jaw dropping tricks.

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Ever feel like taking up a new hobby after you watch an insane video online? Then you try it out, go into it feeling like a pro, expecting to like this…

If like me, you’re one of these people who end up on there ass, and are very easily influenced. Get ready to feel all kinds of idiotically inspired to take up a new extreme sport. From trippy flips, gnarly grinds and insane airs. This compilation will have you reading every ‘How to Skateboard for dummies’ guide you can find on the web. Skateboarding has been taken to new heights as a sport, and defined itself as a sport not for the faint hearted.

Seriously, these guys are cool AF. This video highlights how much skateboarding has grown not only over 2016, but from it’s days of being an accessory for grungy 14 years olds (not that I was one of them…for long).

You’ll do well to remember Avril Lavigne’s wise words in her hit Sk8r Boi. And not make the same mistakes as the ballet dancer, who said ‘see ya later boy’ to the rockstar of her dreams. Especially when you see this insane compilation of the best skateboarding clips of 2016, take a look here:

So, if you liked watching these guys slay the game. If skateboarding isn’t your next ‘I’m gonna be pro at this, without any experience’ crazy sport, why not have a read of this article.

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