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VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Talks About Adversity People Face in his Sport

The city is your playground.

Nigel Sylvester. Credits: ESPN.

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BMX (bicycle motocross) dude, Nigel Sylvester, narrates a story about people facing adversity in his sport. He relates this adversity to what some people experience on an everyday basis, especially in the streets of NYC. It’s more than just the BMX sport in this video: he relates the hardships of trial and success in a lot of sports. Check out the video below.

Eloquently said by a beautiful man who will not satisfy for mediocrity. He encourages people to find their niche. Whether that requires scraped skin or bruises, eventually you will embrace the difficulties and find satisfaction in the vessel that gets you closer to your reality. Time always escape us, but he encourages people to not waste it and to focus on your goals. It’s not always about the sports, the money, or the status: it’s about what makes you happy.

^ Now that is some happiness.

If you enjoyed watching the video, check out this extreme adrenaline junkie who possibly OD’ed on Sylvester’s advice.

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