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VIDEO: Japanese Kitty Scales Climbing Wall Like a Pro

Climb, kitty, climb.

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When the topic of climbing walls is mentioned, what immediately occurs to me is the sheer effort of the task. For example, it seems more suited to the people that have an athletic background (or some kind of athletic interest, at least). Activities for me? Snuggling up with a book by the fire. But I digress.

Whilst a good majority of us may never show enough effort to engage in something active or sporty, Trill has found our motivation for the mandatory New Year’s resolution for healthy living: the kitten from Japan that conquers the dreaded Climbing Wall.

This adorable little cat called Lalah is from Naha, Okinawa, in Japan, and has undertaken a demanding task in scaling a climbing wall – yes, a vertical one. She lives in the Boulbaka Bouldering Gym where the gym staff assure viewers that she was not trained, but mastered the art herself.

What a little trooper.

If you love cats and all their weirdness, check out the cat that walks like a human. The fine line between amusing and terrifying.

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