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VIDEO: Golf Celebrity Is Famous For His Yeezys And Ferrari

‘The asian John Daly’.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 25: Kiradech Aphibarnrat of Thailand smokes an electric cigarette during day two of the World Cup of Golf at Kingston Heath Golf Club on November 25, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)
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Have you ever heard of a golf player renowned for his materialistic obsessions?

Bangkok baller Kiradech Aphibarnrat has become an underground golf celebrity. Why? Because of his love of jet skis, Kanye West sneakers and expensive cars.

After his success on the Asian and European Tours, the golf world has been calling him the ‘Asian John Daly’ because of his ball-striking skills.

VICE Sports traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to find out more about 27-year-old Aphibarnrat. It turns out he’s a pretty interesting guy!

Aphibarnrat and his dad once walked into a car dealership and purchased a car for $150,000, even though he had only $15,000 in his bank account. Although it was financially irresponsible of him, the golfer returned his loan by playing golf events in just three months.

The golfer has a fondness for his mother, wife and two dogs. However, nothing beats his love for Yeezys – he has 30 pairs of them. His wife has 2-3 matching pairs as well. Wow, talk about extravagance!

With all his golfing cash, Aphibarnrat recently splurged on a yellow Ferrari to satisfy his obsession with expensive cars. The car can go up to 300 km per hour, but Aphibarnrat likes to stick to 290 or 285 km per hour in order to be safe. In fact, he loves speeding down the streets of Bangkok.

Aphibarnrat seems to be making a lot of money on all those golfing championships. I guess he can afford to have such an expensive hobby then.

However, Aphibarnrat’s ambitions are quite selfless. He wants to teach golf to little kids in the future and inspire them to fall in love with golf too.

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