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VIDEO: Global Warning – Serious Street Snowboarding

Joona Saikonnen plays in the streets of Finland.

Credit: WokeVideo/Instagram

Finland’s finest Snowboarder

Joona Saikkonen is a snowboarder from Finland who makes videos showing his talents through the snow. When you watch his films, which you can do for free online, you see how much risk he puts into this particular sport. As the Winter Olympics is now underway, what better time to check out this guy’s captivating clips.

When speaking to, Joona says that he gets his inspiration from watching other videos that are out there. He goes on to say that having free online videos out there is good because it makes it more accessible. This then allows more people to get the chance to be inspired. He does also go on to say that the film companies shouldn’t have to worry. He thinks that people who really love the sport will still make the effort to buy their films, and if they pay for them they are more liking to remember them more. Having said that he also believes the online videos that you can find on the internet are very good watching, such as ‘Pocket figures.’

Joona who has 1,128 followers on his Instagram account, has many pictures and videos for you to delve into. He recently made a film, Global Warning, with two radical Finnish crews named ‘Labyrinth Crew’ and ‘Woked.’
The video shows stunning locations deep in the snow of Finland, where you can see Jonna shredding through the streets, and snowboarding past spectacular scenery while boarding across steps and railings.

He had to delay filming until March due to an accident from this dangerous sport, but this turned out in his favour as, according to Labyrinth crew, he actually hates filming in cold temperatures. As it’s Finland, with incredible amounts of snow, I’m sure it was still cold out there for him.

Want more on Snowy Sports? Then why not check out this.

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