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VIDEO: Dave Mull Skates In Weird Places

Creativity and straight gnarliness.

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Have you ever tried skating on the slanted roof of your house?

Well, I would hope not. However, Dave Mull proves that he can skate anywhere and everywhere as long as he has his skateboard with him.

In fact, skater Dave Mull is just as creative as he is brave. In this video, he portrays himself skating down the weirdest places just to show off his skating skills.

The video starts off with Mull skating down the roof of his house in high speed. However, he manages to land on the ground in a perfect jump and continues skating down the street.

Sometimes, it seems like Mull is about to fall but he always gains his balance at the last minute.

Via: Shock Mansion

Not only does Mull skate down the stairs, but also over trashcans, tree trunks and sandy hills. Wow, he’s a straight up gnarly skater!

Man, I wish I had some of Mull’s skating skills. He looks like he’s having the time of his life, even when he falls!

If you’re interested in more of Mull’s work, check out this video of him risking his life and limb atop a rusty basketball hoop!

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