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VIDEO: Catching A Plane In The Most Epic Way

Ever been late for a plane? Try this.

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What would you do if you’re running late to the airport and need to catch an important flight? Well Jason Paul has got a technique for you.

Jason Paul is a freerunner, someone who uses acrobatic techniques, lots of flips and tricks to get from point A to point B.

The video is an ad for Red Bull, and coincidentally there is a shot of Jason taking a sip after passing airport security.

Jason starts at the check-in desk in the beginning of the video, before rushing through immigration, security and the long hallways to get to baggage claim and rush onto the plane.

Perhaps this shot was the most daring of all. Jason runs along a wall next to the escalators, shimmies down a piece of wire and lands on the floor below.

Jason also has the genius idea that going down the chute in baggage claim can lead you straight onto the runway, where you can access all the different flights in the airport.

The last jump shows he is truly not afraid of anything at all – a jump from a moving gangway into the door of the plane itself.

Watch the full video here to see all the tricks he did to get to his plane on time!


Check out these other people showing off their flips and tricks here! trill trill

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