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VIDEO: Biker And Filmmaker Hit Cape Town’s Scenic Spots

The result is amazing.

Credit: YouTube

What happens when a renowned action sports filmmaker and a local biker join hands?

Well, the outcome is a crazy video full of sick stunts and mind-blowing videography!

Action sports filmmaker Chris Rogers and local BMX rider Murray Loubser spent the day touring Cape Town. But it wasn’t just any normal excursion. Loubser was on his bike, performing stunts the whole way, while Rogers filmed him using his trusty GoPro.

What follows is a fantastic montage of Loubser speeding through the city. He never loses his balance even as he glides down staircase railings and innumerable flights of stairs with ease.

However, the videography was tons better than Loubser’s shredding skills in my opinion. Rogers does a great job combining the scenic shots of Cape Town with Loubser’s ongoing stunts and bike movement. The last 30 seconds or so were the best part of the video, portraying Loubser riding along the coast, as the ocean lies just below him.

Man, I wish I could bike around the city as effortlessly as Loubser and Rogers do it.  They seem like really creative people to me.

Like me, if you enjoy biking but would rather prefer to watch the experts, check out this competitive cyclist dominate the race by planking on his bike.

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