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VIDEO: 23 Year Old Breaks Bowling World Record Of 12 Strikes In 90 Seconds

The fastest ever 300 game.

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Bowling for some is just a hobby or the occasional day out with family or friends. For some however, it’s a hell of a lot more serious than that.

23 year old Ben Ketola has officially broken the new world record for the fastest 300 game in bowling, striking 12 times in just 90 seconds using all the lanes. Watch a clip of it here:

Did you see that guy? He’s literally like lightning. His technique is also pretty interesting and probably not what you might expect. He uses both hands to throw the ball, and seemingly sort of chucks it at the pins. This makes it seem even more amazing that his throws are so accurate.  He makes it look so messy, and yet he’s so precise!


This guy is another level and as pro bowlers go, he’s one of the best. An immense amount of time, effort and skill goes into this. Sadly, there are others in this world who never achieve quite the same standards of bowling…

But you can’t blame a guy for trying! I guess it’s not for everyone…

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