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Urban Explorers Climb Second Tallest Building in UK; Are Now Being Investigated!

Don’t look down!

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Have you ever thought of climbing onto the rooftop of a tall building, but decided against it?

Well, two daring YouTubers breached security and ascended the second tallest building in the United Kingdom. They filmed the process on top of that.

Young Harry Gallagher runs the YouTube channel Night Scape and calls himself an urban explorer. On February 20, he uploaded a video of him and his friend sneaking onto the rooftop of One Canada Square, a 771-foot tall building in Canary Wharf.

As seen in the video, Gallagher furtively sidled past the security alarms and reached the main elevator. However, his friend Dibs was not that lucky and managed to set off the alarm.

Luckily for them, the security system pretty much sucked and no one arrived to arrest the two trespassers.

Therefore, Gallagher and Dibs finished their mission with ease and reached the top of the rooftop pyramid of the building. They sat there, dangling their legs and taking selfies from different angles.

Remarkably, the police didn’t seem to show up at all.

Meanwhile, Gallagher spent a while climbing up and down the pyramid and taking videos of the amazing view of the city from the rooftop.


After Gallagher and his friend left the building, they uploaded the video online. That was when the Canary Wharf Group, which owns One Canada Square, realized the breach of security and locked off the building.

A spokeswoman for Canary Wharf Group said they are actively investigating unauthorized entry into One Canada Square, on the Canary Wharf Estate. Current security arrangements have been tightened, security procedures are being reviewed and an internal investigation has been conducted. The group is working closely with the Metropolitan Police on this matter.

Personally, I admire Gallagher’s determination to climb the building despite the consequences he’s facing right now. The ascent was pretty scary, but the view seems worth it to me!

If you felt dizzy watching Gallagher scale the pyramid rooftop, wait until you watch James Kingston scale the world’s tallest building.

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