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Three New ESPN Documentaries Are Being Planned to Follow ‘The Last Dance’ After Its Huge Success

Eventually we’ll get the “Space Jam” documentary we all need.

ESPN has confirmed that, following the popularity of their Micheal Jordan focused documentary, that they will produce three more programs following other sport titans. 

The Last Dance has taken the world by storm, chronicling the story of Micheal Jordan during his time with the Chicago Bulls and reminding everyone why he is the undisputed best basketball player of all time. With two episodes being released each week, it’s undeniable ESPN struck gold with this style of sport-themed storytelling and they have decided to keep this train rolling.

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Libby Geist, vice president and executive producer at ESPN Films, confirmed that more content is coming after the final episode of The Last Dance airs. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Geist claimed that: 

We’ve seen the ESPN engine really get behind The Last Dance and this storyline in every way.

The reception that The Last Dance has received definitely inspired us to really push these three films because they’re really high-profile topics, they’re great filmmakers, and we’re really proud of the films themselves.

Regarding the audience for these new documentaries, she went on to say:

But I think we have high hopes for some of the non-sports fans being attracted to these topics and these stories because of the quality, but also because it’s a time when people are looking for high-quality content that, for us, happened to be about sports.

The first new documentary will be about the once famous, now infamous Lance Armstrong. The two-parter is titled LANCE and will be:

A really fresh take on a story that you think you know.

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The second documentary will be about the legendary Bruce Lee titled Be Water. This one will touch on both his life as a martial artist as well as his time in the Hollywood spotlight. 

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The final documentary to wrap up this trilogy will be an extensive look at the life and times of baseball players Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. These two fiercely competed against each other in an attempt to beat Roger Maris’s Major League Baseball record for home runs in a single season back in 1998.

All of this new content is planned to release later in the year, well after the last episode of The Last Dance hits our screens. It gives us all something to look forward to knowing the stories of these sport icons will continue to be told in a unique and engaging format. But if you need something to watch right now and are desperate for cash, check out what this TV company is offering for you to binge watch true crime shows.

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