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This Skater Video Has An Unexpected Ending, But Is There More To It?

The internet is losing its mind over this video.

You’ve gotta see this. At first, I thought it was just another crazy surprise, but after I watched it a little while, I realized there’s actually a lot more going on here than initially meets the eye. See what I’m talking about below unless you hate having your MIND BLOWN.


Look, I’m kind of an expert when it comes to these things. I actually have an English degree, so analyzing texts (and yes, videos are texts, ugh) is basically my thing. So if you even want to BEGIN to understand this video, you’re gonna have to listen to me.

In the first section, we see a skateboarder fly off the overpass and land successfully on the ground. Clearly, this is a metaphor for the proletariat breaking free of the capitalist regime’s preset pathway for living, symbolized here by the “road.” Then, when his friend congratulates him on a job well done, we see the patronizing voice of the bourgeoisie calling after our working-class hero, attempting still to assert its vocal authority over him—but really it’s an attempt at keeping the skater boy under the illusion of its control.

That’s when the car comes. And boy, does it go out with a bang.

Film Analyst Teddy Ryles, reporting directly to me from his non-profit equestrian sanctuary in Colorado, agrees with my analysis.

“I don’t think that there is any question about this. Is a little bit more coming the next time? Definitely. And you know that I’m what you are, going on in the morning, and I’ll be there to see what and why when it’s over.”

Couldn’t agree more, Teddy.

Besides, I don’t even need literary criticism to point out how obviously fake this video is. A lot of its flaws are just basic common sense. Like, we’ve all had empty cars flung at us before, but these kids seemed way too young for that kind of thing. And if you don’t want to take the detailed analysis, then the only explanation is that there’s something more sinister at play here. How did the car get flung from the overpass? And why was the tow truck so conveniently situated nearby, ready to pick it up?

We may never know, and that’s why you need me here to pick apart the hidden clues.

Check in next time for the real scoop. I’ll be back with more videos and more commentary.

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