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Skater Chris Joslin Drops New Video To Celebrate Daughter’s First Birthday

Ode to London.

Ode to London.

Chris Joslin just celebrated his daughter’s first birthday and he was so happy he decided to release a video.

When Chris Joslin realized his little girl was going to be a year old, he got the cameras out and got to work on his latest skating endeavor (just to be clear, she isn’t the one skating in the video). Shortly after, the skate magazine Berrics released a video that’s been going viral ever since.

The twenty-one-year-old Californian skater has been dominating skateparks and local roads professionally for the last few years. His most recent video, “Ode to London” is a compilation of Joslin tearing up public streets, sidewalks, staircases and railings, all in dedication to his daughter’s birthday. Let’s take a look.

How anyone is able to do this, I’ll never fully understand. I have to say, a skating video may be a questionable gift to an infant, but one thing is certain: that kid is gonna be skating professionally before she can even form a complete sentence.

Also did anyone else think of this particular scene while they were watching Joslin’s video? Or am I just so out of touch with the skating world that this is the closest thing I can relate it to in my head?

Regardless of my lack of knowledge on the subject, I don’t think you need to know too much about skating to recognize how talented Chris Joslin is. Wanna see more talented skaters? Trill is full of them!

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