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Skateboarding Given New Light In Curren Caples’ PUSH Video

You’ve never seen skateboarding like this.

Credit: The Lens

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PUSH is a movement designed specifically for skateboarders and their skateboarding videos. The creators of the brand endeavor to “push” themselves to show the world how diverse, talented, and accomplished skateboarders – and their filmmaking – can be. In PUSH’s second season, 20 year-old pro Curren Caples takes to the streets to show off his wide-ranging repertoire.

Caples has been pursuing his dream of professional skateboarding since he was five. Now, 15 years later, he has accomplished that goal and is a big name in the skateboarding world. With loads of sponsors and competition titles under his belt, he is a force with which to be reckoned.

His most recent venture for PUSH entails filming himself while skating to illustrate how varied skateboarders can come. PUSH thrives on uniqueness and Caples proves he has the skateboarding and filmmaking skills to support PUSH’s mission.

Check out the awesome video below.

PUSH’s hope is that Caples’ installment – along with eight other professional skaters’ – will help the world see the sport in a whole new light.

Can’t get enough skating videos? Click here to watch pro Tony Trujillo show off some of his insane moves. 

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