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Russia Plan to Legalise Football Hooliganism and Make it a Spectator Sport

Bloody hooligans.

Bloody hooligans.

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Russia are apparently set to legalise football hooliganism and turn it into a form of entertainment. It will supposedly be a spectator support that people are able to get involved in and watch at their will.

Russian Politician Igor Lebedev has proposed the idea of making a new sport out of football hooliganism. It’s certainly a bit out there. The logic behind it is supposedly to lower the amounts of football hooliganism during the World Cup of summer 2018. Allowing the fighting in a controlled environment is intended to lessen the fighting elsewhere.

20 unarmed hooligans will be placed with each other in a brawl. Then, they fight. This will be an outlet of aggression that will prevent people from getting hurt during the World Cup. It will also hopefully encourage more tourists to attend and to feel safe. (Does this mean there will be football hooligan hooligans? People going crazy defending different hooligans?)

There will be a lot of safety regulations in place that will prevent players from being seriously injured. It is thought that English citizens will travel just to participate in the sport. Participating could be a lot of fun and watching it would certainly be entertaining. It will definitely be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Sometimes, things being legal and enforced make them less exciting. Think like with alcohol and drugs, rates of use are always higher when they’re banned. Things are always more dangerous when they’re forbidden. So it does have a sense of logic that this sport will act as a sort of ‘purge’ that could instil a sense of control and order more generally. Or it could all go tits up and just be double the amount of fighting. Who knows?

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