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Veda Pratama Wins 2023 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup in Thailand

Veda Pratama’s thrilling win in the 2023 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup in Thailand, featured intense competition and daring last-lap maneuvers.


Veda Pratama won the 2023 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup in Thailand. He celebrated by holding up the winner’s trophy with one hand and four fingers. Amon Odaki and Jakkreephat Phuettisan won on Saturday and performed well, but they eliminated Zen Mitani and Shinya Ezawa. 

Pratama started from pole position, took the hole shot, and set the scene for a highly anticipated race in Thailand. At first, the top 15 cyclists had nearly identical times.

But as the rounds continued, the top seven emerged as the leaders. Pratama, Amon, Jakkreephat, Zen, Ryota, and Shinya were the winners. This led to an exciting competition for top spots and the race leader.

Face of Reality: Five Laps to Finish

As the race neared its last five laps, an exciting tale unfolded. Zen Mitani, currently in second place, had a crash on Lap 7, which took him out of the race. In an unfortunate turn of situation, Shinya Ezawa, trying to avoid Mitani’s damaged vehicle, also slipped down. They immediately transferred both motorcyclists to the medical facility for a thorough examination.

Pratama’s Lead and Odaki’s Daring Move on the Last Lap:

With Mitani and Ezawa out of the race, the contest for first place was lower to just five motorcyclists. Veda Pratama was initially in the lead. However, Amon Odaki made a bold move at Turn 9. As a result, he took the lead on the last lap.

The race once again promised a thrilling finish at the penultimate twist. Odaki protected initially, but he moved too far back, giving Pratama more options to choose a wider path.

Smart negotiators helped the Indonesian motorcyclist win his sixth race, with Odaki close behind. At the same time, Jakkreephat Phuettisan finished third, closing up an outstanding weekend in his native land.

The Runners-Up

Ryota Ogiwara and Takahira participated in a challenging competition in Thailand. They finished in fourth and fifth place, narrowly missing out on winning first place. The fight was tough, with both riders turning in respectable rides and closing in the highly desired top-three areas.

Battling for victory

A brutal clash occurred inside the top 10 spots higher in the field. Farish, Marianos, Farres, and Reykat were riders competing for a spot on the road, showing their skills and commitment. Hamad Al-Sahouti wrapped out the top 10, riding just a few seconds behind the lead group.

In Thailand, the tournament was impressive. The national race winner and Veda Pratama are getting closer to winning the Championship. Looking forward, our anticipation grows for the final round of the season, set to occur in Malaysia.

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