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Michael Jordan Documentary Premieres on Netflix

Thought you saw everything on Netflix already? Think again!

Image from Flickr user Mccarmona23

Need something to binge watch during quarantine? One of the most famous basketball players of all time is getting his own documentary series on Netflix. While not winning six championships for the Chicago Bulls during his 15 season run, he also starred in the iconic 1996 classic Space Jams with Danny DeVito. Also worth a watch if you’re bored. 

This docu-series follows Michael Jordan’s final champion season with the Chicago Bulls during 1997-98. It is titled The Last Dance, and it’s a 10-part series. Seems like a miss to me that they didn’t call it The Last Dunk, but you know. There will be never-before-seen footage of the Chicago Bulls as they allowed an ESPN camera crew to follow them for that season. 

Michael Jordan, full name Michael Jeffrey Jordan, is deemed “the greatest basketball player of all time” in his biography on the official NBA website. He was credited for popularizing the NBA on a global scale throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. Jordan joined the Chicago bulls during 1984, and his incredible slam dunk’s and his leaping ability earned him the nickname “Air Jordan.” Later this would become the name of his popularized shoe brand partnered with Nike.

Image from Flickr account user Anthony Shao

Former Chicago Bulls member Will Perdue says of the documentary:

“That’s who we knew. The competitive Michael Jordan, the win at all costs Michael Jordan. Sometimes we questioned whether he was human, whether he had feelings. [He was] just a guy who was focused on one thing and one thing only.”

 Liam Mathews of TV Guide said:

“The limited series is as complete a portrait of Michael Jordan’s extraordinary basketball career as fans will ever get.”

For sports and celebrities fans alike, this allows you to delve further into the persona that is basketball legend Michael Jordan. As of now, Jordan reports that the proceedings of this series will go to charity. Netflix has dropped 2 episodes, and there will be an episode released each Monday. This could be a perfect (but brief) distraction in these trying times. On a completely different note in celebrity news, read here to find out whether Tiger King’s Joe Exotic will be the next radio personality!

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