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Irish Gangsters Apparently Put Hit Out on Conor McGregor After Bar Brawl

Irish fighter vs. Irish mob, who will win?

Wikimedia Commons/Andrius Petrucenia

Things just seem to be getting worse for Conor McGregor after his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Though details are scarce and not exactly verifiable, apparently Conor McGregor has landed in hot water with members of the Dublin mob after a barroom fight. The mixed martial artist and boxer is believed to have gotten drunk and beaten up several Dublin gangsters.

Check out some accounts of the incident below:

COnor McGregor 1

From these posts, it seems that the UFC lightweight champ found out one of his old friends was in trouble with the Dublin mob and decided to take matters into his own hands. His actions caused quite a stir, and now the gangsters have put out a hit on McGregor unless he pays them $900,000.

Of course, we should probably take this story with a grain of salt, or even a whole handful, considering the sources. Mcgregor’s father even told the Irish Mirror that the story is “absolute nonsense,” and that he and his family had nothing to fear. But according to MMA Mania, McGregor himself was a bit more confrontational. After driving away from court for a speeding violation, he shouted “Come and get me,” which presumably was directed toward the Irish mob.

If McGregor can’t kick or punch his way out of this mess, that $900,000 shouldn’t be a problem, given that he was set to earn $75 million for the Mayweather fight.

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