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Four-Year-Old Skateboarder Discusses Going Pro

4 year old skater announces her plans to go pro.

Girl on skateboard.
YouTube/15 Minute News

‘I feel like I’m flying,’ says Autumn California Bailey, one of the youngest skateboarders ever.

 Beginning her skating career at only two years old, Autumn has become somewhat of a child celebrity on Instagram. Her amazing skateboarding feats have slowly made her into an internet sensation.

She lives in Brighton with her mother, Tara, who set up and manages her Instagram account. Her mother is supportive of her skating and has spoken about her daughter’s passion with pride. 

I don’t really get scared for her. I think people don’t always get that we build up to the big things really carefully, and I have absolute trust in her ability and that she knows how to land. I also trust that she wont ask to do anything she is not comfortable with (although I do occasionally say no if she goes for a huge ramp or drop in)

To keep her safe she has pads and a helmet, and she has learnt how to fall on her knees. She also trusts me completely and knows I wont let her fall, and I trust her.

When asked about the funniest moments that have happened with Autumn skateboarding, Tara said:

Funniest moments for me always happen when she gets cocky or shows off.. this can be anything from loudly telling people on scooters it’s a skatepark and they are not allowed there, to screaming enthusiastically from the sidelines to cheer on people skating – but throwing them off their game!

She does throw massive tantrums at the skatepark and people sometimes seem to forget that despite her ability she is still 2. She gets mega frustrated if she cant land a trick. Also I stop her skating if I feel she is too tired (that’s when it becomes dangerous) and she has had a few screaming episodes then where she will march off with her skateboard to carry on and I have had to literally drag her out!

Autumns father would skate, which is where her love for skating was first ignited. Tara has no concerns about Autumns future. Autumn expressed her desire to become a professional skateboarder, as well as a “skateboarding queen doctor.’

Autumn opened up about her passion and stated that:

Skateboarding is my favourite thing on the planet because it makes me feel like I’m flying!

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