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EXCLUSIVE: Elle Brooke On Her Upcoming Boxing Match Against AJ Bunker

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke is set to fight against fellow boxing newbie AJ Bunker this Saturday in what has been dubbed as a ‘grudge match’ and she’s certainly got the fighter mentality.

CREDIT: Instagram/Elle Brooke, Shutterstock/leolintang

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke is set to fight against fellow boxing newbie AJ Bunker this Saturday in what has been dubbed as a ‘grudge match’ and she’s certainly got the fighter mentality.

In the newest wave of social media star fights, Elle Brooke has been raring to go for almost three months and the intense training she’s persevered through is about to come to a head as she fights Love Island bombshell AJ Bunker at The O2 London this Saturday 16th July. The fight, hosted by Kingpyn Boxing is set to be one of the biggest influencer boxing events this year, featuring the duo’s match as well as the likes of TikTok stars Simple Simon Vs Ed Matthews.

Both stars have been through a crash course on boxing in preparation for their fight, but Brooke has had some very special individuals lending a helping hand, even sparring with Australian professional boxer Ebanie Bridges. Speaking on her team, Elle said “my trainer [Mark Tibbs] is absolutely insane. I couldn’t have picked a better trainer, you know? He trains world champions and he’s trained such a high caliber of boxers that he was definitely the right man and we get on so well. And ever since Ebanie’s come back from Australia, she’s been back about four or five weeks now I think, she’s been amazing, she’s been helping me.”

“She’s a very similar fighter to me really, in the sense that we’re both small and powerful, so it’s great watching her and learning from her because there are other boys in the gym but I’m not going to fight a six-foot-nine heavyweight. So it’s nice having someone a similar size that I can really see how she fights and really pick up on how she moves and things like that. It’s great and she’s been absolutely amazing.”

The run-up to the fight has been relatively non-stop for the star, who boasts over 450,000 Instagram followers, but she’s already looking ahead to her future boxing career. “It’s been an extremely long camp, I think it’s been eleven or twelve weeks, I’m feeling prepared, but, as bad as it sounds, I just can’t wait for the next one. I think when this is coming so soon, I think “oh this is so sad” but I definitely need a break.”

In an exclusive, Elle revealed “I’m going to have five weeks out so if anyone wants to get a head start then now’s your chance” but she whole-heartedly intends to return to her workout routine after she’s treated herself to a few holidays. “Hopefully, after my break, I’ll be in the gym again 100% even if I don’t have an opponent or an event.”

“I keep to a plan so 100% I’d like to involve boxing after this one if I can only establish myself within the boxing community that Elle Brooke can fight and she’s a good fighter then that would be the absolute dream.”

From Social Media To Sports Star

The switch from her previous career to the current one has come as a shock to many of her fans, with the self-proclaimed Man City mega fan, Brooke hasn’t always been as interested in boxing as she has football, but her new involvement in the sport seems to have changed that. “I’ve always been a football fan but with boxing, it was completely new, and it wasn’t until the organizers DM’ed me and asked me if I wanted to participate in an event. I was like “yeah okay, it’s something new”, but ever since I’ve started it I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it.”

“It seemingly comes with plenty of new benefits as well as she explained “For me, I sort of got my teeth stuck into it. I’m loving the lifestyle and the results, I’m a lot skinnier now, a lot healthier, so I’m like actually yeah I quite like being healthy.”

Moving from OnlyFans to boxing has been Elle’s ticket to a more commercialised career. “I think with the boxing the main goal was obviously kind of be good at it but also to become mainstream because you get a lot more people supporting you in terms of brands and sponsorships – they don’t want to just support an OnlyFans star or someone that’s linked to sex work. So becoming mainstream and having a more mainstream brand is definitely the goal to grow me bigger because certain boundaries you can’t cross when you’re known as an adult star.”

“People soon forget who you were two months ago as long as you’re good and people like you for who you are now. I’m always going to be tainted as a sex worker because the internet is forever and all my content is already out there. There’s no erasing it and I’m not going to be completely naïve to that. Whether I can branch out to be more mainstream… right now, I don’t think people would want me on ITV right now or anything like that because I’m an adult star whereas if I’m really good at boxing, I’m more of a sports person, then I’d be given more opportunities for more different channels.”

Speaking on the fight, she isn’t naive to the fact that viewers aren’t expecting the absolute best from the pair just yet. “Where it is the first fight, I don’t think people watching are expecting us to have absolutely great boxing skills that you would on Usyk, AJ or anyone like that. I want to be good enough so that everyone thinks “wow, she’s definitely trained hard”. I’m training as hard as I can and I’m in a professional camp with a professional, literally boxing legend, boxing trainer. I’m well-equipped and I hope people see that I’ve taken this seriously. If I do win in this fight I know that people will continue to want to see me fight as long as I perform well so that’s the goal really. Smash this fight and hope everyone gets on board and actually watches me and wants to watch me and roots for me. I’m going to have haters 100% but as long as people are paying to watch me fight whether they hate me or love me, that’s the goal.”

Despite Elle now facing AJ, the lineup didn’t always look that way. Just two weeks before the event, Elle’s original opponent, content creator Astrid Wett, pulled out due to safety concerns, leaving Love Island’s AJ to ultimately fill that position. “AJ definitely looks a lot better [than Astrid]; I’ve only seen pad footage of the both of them, she definitely looks a lot better so it kind of gasses me up and excites me that it’s going to be a better fight. It’s made me step up my game a little bit, perhaps.”

“I’m not going to say she’s going to be really easy to defeat but hopefully, I’m going to win and do my best and do my trainer and gym proud and everyone else.”

Carrying that fighting mentality throughout our entire conversation, she said “I am so competitive! Every aspect of my life is competitive. I just want to be, not necessarily the best at everything, but the best I can be. I’m never settled or happy with the current place I’m in. I guess that is what makes people successful, always that drive for more.”

“If I lose then I think it will be a knock in the teeth, but depending on how I lose I think that’s the key criteria on whether I carry on or not.”

You can read AJ’s take on the fight here and make sure to tune into Kingpyn Boxing at 7pm on July 16th to watch the PPV fight.

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