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A Crazy Look At The World Gravy Wrestling Championships 2022

Possibly the wackiest sport ever.

CREDIT: Heather B. Studios

Returning after a two-year hiatus, the World Gravy Wrestling Championships brought an action-packed show filled with fun, fights, and finger-licking goodness.

When you think of wrestling, the first thing that comes to mind is the likes of professionally hosted events, such as WWE, featuring big-name stars, including The Rock and The Undertaker. This annual competition, held in the small village of Stacksteads in Lancashire, England, challenges typical wrestling norms, asking competitors to fight in a ring filled to the brim with gravy.

The World Gravy Wrestling Championships see individuals battle it out for a mere two minutes,  with points being awarded for various categories, including comedy, outfits, entertainment factor, and, of course, wrestling ability. The bonkers event raises money for charity whilst also providing an incomparable family day out, making it fun for both onlookers and those finding themselves drenched in the savory sauce.

Think messy, then think again, with competitors not only rolling around in the gravy-filled ring but also having a bucket full of it poured over their heads. If you’re a gravy lover, this sport will surely be the one for you. Why not join in and throw your name in the hat for next year’s competition? After all, if a teacher can become a WWE star, you can find yourself wrestling in a pool of gravy! Registration can be completed online 

Having run since 2007, there is already a long list of victorious sportsmen and women. Lucky winners are listed on the official championship’s website, offering one man and one woman the chance to cement their place in gravy history. One talented wrestler has even won the men’s competition a whopping six times, winning the first-ever event and going on to win many more years after that, even having back-to-back titles. 

As chaotic and comedic as the day may be, it’s all for a good cause, and we can’t see a better way to raise money for charity. Along with contestants receiving paid sponsorships for taking part, there are activities dotted across the site that also help to contribute to the grand total, including bouncy castles, face painting, craft beer stalls, cake, and tombola stands 

If you’re on a family day out and you have extra adventurous kids, there is an opportunity for them to get down and dirty in the ring after the main events. Don’t panic, there are firefighters on-hand to hose them off before you leave. This gravy crazy event is just too good to miss!

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