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Till Death Do Us Part: T-Rex Skeleton Found Buried Mid Battle With Triceratops

67 Million year old T-Rex skeleton found intertwined with Triceratops

Matt Zeher/ SWNS

It’s happened. And, boy, aren’t we glad we lived in the generation to see it. The World’s first complete T-Rex skeleton has been found. But, it has been found with more story to tell than simply its death. This magnificent skeleton was dug up intertwined with a Triceratops, with the thinking that the pair died mid-battle. 

Background Information

Far from recent, these ‘Dueling Dinosaurs’ were in battle over 67 million years ago. But, their bones have preserved this great fight for us to see. Not only that, but experts say their body outlines and injuries are still decipherable. As a result of this, the T-Rex’s teeth stuck in the Triceratops’ body can apparently still be seen! 

But, this discovery was far from simple. With over 14 skeletons to extract, the whole process took years. That’s why we’re only hearing about this now, as opposed to in 2016 when it was first found by non-profit Friends of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. 

Credit: Roy Buri/ Pixabay
Credit: Dimitris Vetsikas/ Pixabay

What Happened To It?

Unbenowst to the general public, this skeleton was first auctioned in 2013 at Bonhams in New York. No one bid an acceptable amount for it, so it was locked in warehouses until this year, when it was donated to the museum. This museum, of which, claim to be preparing for a special exhibit to be build in 2021. 

Credit: heimseiten WebdesignKoeln/ Pixabay

It’s Condition

The displaying of this marvel is only made easier by the fact that the bones were preserved so well. Because of this, it will make a pretty cool exhibit for the public, But, it will also enable scientists to have access to a plethora of biological data. Of course, lots of this would have been lost in the process of extracting it from the sediment of the Montana hillside.

Beyond The Science

This discovery may reveal what we may already know about the surface level prey-predator relationship between T-Rex’s and Triceratops. However, what it does reveal, is a preservation of a different kind of relationship, unsolicited or not, where these two magnificent creatures lived intertwined for centuries. 

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