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Google Translate for Cows is Successfully Being Developed

“Expect to do the unimaginable”.

Yes, you read that right. Being able to communicate with animals is no longer a work of fiction but will become a reality in our lifetime! Already 2020 is turning into the year to beat. Rolling into a new decade, we can expect to do the unimaginable. Who knows what we will achieve by 2030.

PhD student, Alexandra Green, at the University of Sydney carried out revolutionary research on a herd of eighteen cows over the course of five months. She recognised that they changed the pitch of their moo to convey positive and negative thoughts. While, Green is only at the start of her research, it is still very exciting to think that soon we will be able to speak with cows.
PhD Student, Alexandra Green/Image via

This technology has the potential to change the world. If we can successfully communicate with cows, then there is no reason why we can’t communicate with other animals. Finally, we would know what our dog is trying to tell us, or why our cat keeps meowing. We could get animals’ viewpoint on veganism. Be able to help them with anxiety. Animals could have rights. The possibilities are endless. 

Image via

Security services could reap from the benefits too by being able to communicate with sniffer dogs. The blind would be able to know what their guide dog is trying to tell them. Horse riders would know why their horse was neighing and jumping around uncontrollably. Overall, we could be safer, and so could animals.

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Communication is such an integral part of life. We are able to maintain deep and meaningful relationships with other humans, and the prospect of being able to do the same with animals is very exciting, not to mention important. Animals live on this planet too and if we could communicate with them all someday, the world would be a much better place.

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