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2023’s Only Blue Moon Also A Supermoon On Wednesday

Get Ready for Wednesday Night’s Spectacular Blue Supermoon.

Blue Supermooon
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In a stellar leap for environmental monitoring, NASA’s TEMPO mission has hit the cosmic stage, releasing its inaugural batch of data maps tracking air pollutants.

The news, announced in a recent agency press release, marks the first fruits of this groundbreaking mission.

Blast Off to Clean Air: TEMPO Takes Flight

Earlier this year, TEMPO hitched a ride on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, soaring into the heavens on a mission to revolutionize air quality monitoring. Now, the instrument’s transmissions from its orbit 22,000 miles above the equator have started painting a vivid picture of major air pollutants over North America.

Championing Clean Air: Biden-Harris and TEMPO’s Cosmic Dance

TEMPO’s tune resonates harmoniously with President Biden and Vice President Harris’ advocacy for improved air quality as an inherent right. This cosmic collaboration aligns seamlessly with the administration’s sweeping climate ambitions, heralding a cleaner future for all.

Cosmic Insights: TEMPO’s Air Quality Scorecard

Situated high above the clouds, TEMPO flaunts its title as the first space-based tool designed to continually monitor air quality across North America at a micro-scale resolution. Its magic? An advanced spectrometer that peers into sunlight’s reflections, unmasking hidden pollutants. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson exclaimed, “TEMPO’s game-changing data will transform neighborhoods and communities for years to come.”

Beyond Pollutants: TEMPO’s Cosmic Canvas

TEMPO’s vision stretches far beyond mere pollution surveillance. Its gaze will unlock revelations about diverse pollution origins—be it traffic emissions, wildfire smoke, volcanic ash, or the ramifications of farming fertilizers. With each data point, a richer tapestry of air quality intricacies emerges, propelling us toward the creation of detailed air pollution maps.

Debut Visuals and Cosmic Aspirations

As TEMPO eases into its mission, its debut data maps dazzle with glimpses of its prowess. Nitrogen dioxide concentrations, a telltale sign of pollution, unfurl around urban centers and key transportation arteries.

By studying sunlight’s interactions with Earth’s elements, TEMPO deciphers the fingerprints of atmospheric gases. The first scans, conducted on August 2, spotlight pollution patterns, zooming in on regions like the bustling Interstate 95 corridor.

TEMPO’s Cosmic Playlist: Pollutant Symphony

During its “first light” phase, spanning from July 31 to August 2, TEMPO was no passive observer. It delved into nitrogen dioxide, ozone, aerosols, formaldehyde, trace gases, and more.

Kelly Chance, TEMPO’s principal investigator, shared, “TEMPO is beginning to measure hourly daytime air pollution over greater North America.” With nearly 50 studies poised to harness TEMPO’s unique capabilities, the cosmic concert of pollution research is set to crescendo.

TEMPO’s Odyssey: A Prelude to Global Insights

While TEMPO’s journey has just taken flight, its promise is palpable. As it joins the ranks of other global air pollution sentinels like South Korea’s Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer and ESA’s Sentinel-4 satellite, TEMPO beckons a clearer, healthier future. The celestial curtain has lifted, revealing a new act in the cosmic quest for cleaner skies.

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