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Samsung SpaceSelfie Satellite Falls Into Yard of Michigan Couple

Following a new user experience for Samsung owners.

Following a new user experience for Samsung owners.

Image from Nancy Welke / LadBible

A couple in Michigan was surprised to see what looked like a fallen satellite in their yard early in the morning following a loud crash.

Nancy Welke and Dan, her husband, said the landing happened around 8:45am. Apparently the machinery was still on and making noise. Across the satellite was written “Samsung Space Selfie.”

The equipment is actually part of a brand new experience Samsung is providing where they send selfies up into space and take pictures with the Earth as a backdrop.

Video via

Cara Delevingne was the first selfie sent into space, see the picture below to see what I’m talking about.

What is really concerning about this whole escapade is that not only is selfie culture uncomfortably disturbing on a day to day, now people are eager to have yet another picture of themselves projected to the universe. It’s obvious Samsung is simply doing this for publicity, but has society really become so distorted that we find joy from flaunting our awkward, narcissistic photos thousands of feet into the atmosphere?

“SpaceSelfie gives consumers the chance to join Cara in space by uploading a photo to Samsung’s ‘Mission Control’ website.”

“Images will then be selected at random, displayed on Galaxy S10 5G’s 6.7-inch screen and captured using a unique view of planet earth as the backdrop. This photo will be sent back down to earth for its owner to share on social media.

“Tonight, we made history by unveiling the first selfie sent into space.”

Via Samsung

With the world in the middle of economic, political and climatical chaos, at least we know that we’re making history by sending photos of our faces into space for no reason.

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